Radco development due before councillors on October 21

  Posted: 15.10.20 at 13:45 by The Editor

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The plans for the redevelopment of the now closed Radstock Co-op in the centre of town, will be discussed by planners and councillors in Bath next week.

Ahead of that on-line meeting, which will be broadcast on the council's You Tube channel, details have emerged about the costs and the time needed to complete the development.

Even before coronavirus there were delays in work starting at the site.

Work was initially pencilled to start in April 2019 and would have been completed in 36 months.

Within the details now available on the B&NES planning site there is now a timetable for work which has been divided into East and West redevelopment stages as follows:

- Pre-Construction 3 Months (Apr 19 – Jul 19)
- East Site Construction 18 Months (Jul 19 – Dec 20) 1.6 units per month (28 flats)
- West site Construction 14 Months (Feb 21 – Mar 22) 1.9 units per month (27 houses)
- Building 1 Apartments Sales Period 6 Months (Jan 21 – Jun 21) 2 units per month (12 OM Flats)
- West Site Houses Sales Period 9 Months (Aug 21 – Apr 22) 3 units per month (27 houses)

These are the costs outlined in the document as part of the planning policy document shown to B&NES

Details have also been released about how much money will be due to the local community, in this case Westfield, under the Community Infrastructure Levy.

That is set as a rate of the size of the development --
(adopted in February 2015) and is set at £100 per square metre for residential accommodation and £150 per square metre for retail
accommodation, and will also include some money for what the council is calling ' contributions towards open space.'

In other details supplied on the planning portal (under reference 18/05623/OUT) developers warn that they they will need to reconstruct the access road from Somervale Road, although saying 'the actual scope of works required will need to be determined.'

Some details released in terms of how much things will cost:
- there is an allowance of £75,000 to allow for a temporary Co-Op store during construction
- project fees for the development are set at £2, 566,000
- in total works are expected to cost over £13 and a half million pounds made up of £8,299,000 for the new shops side and £5,328,000 for the home building part
- demolishing the old Radco store and digging up the car park is put at £ 466,000.

Within the planning documents it is stated that the Radco supermarket building is not listed, but a rectory which once was on the site, which was demolished in the 1980s, was Grade II but they can't find any record of the demolition being authorised. It is still listed on Historic England records but that this " anomaly" will need to be corrected as a separate process to the current planning application.

There is also discussion about the site being popular with bats, in particular horse shoe bats. To protect them planners have been supplied with a lighting report which has offered what is referred to as " predicted light spill modelling - demonstrating that the scheme is capable of achieving sensitive lighting design... to keep light levels low within areas of habitat."

The application, first put into B&NES in December 2018, is as stated:

Hybrid planning application for the mixed-use redevelopment of the Co-Operative store and associated car park in Radstock comprising - 1. Full planning permission for the demolition of existing store and construction of 1795sqm retail floorspace including replacement store (Class A1), 722sqm office floorspace (Class B1) and 28 dwellings (Class C3) with associated car and cycle parking, works to existing access, landscaping, public realm, drainage and infrastructure. 2. Outline planning permission for 26 dwellings with associated car parking, landscaping, drainage and infrastructure.

It will be discussed at 2pm on October 21 and live streamed HERE:
the B&NES You Tube channel

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