Stu Tucker Photography

Bath Wedding Photographer - Stu Tucker Photography.

I have an elementary approach to creating my wedding images and films with the highest attention to composition & light origins, I am, ultimately able to create photography and film that isn't only about coverage, but more about the real story. A story that is creatively discreet & emotionally bold. Weaved together carefully to highlight perfectly your day. Not tempering in the current fads, I can focus on story as it plays out through the day. An approach that creates beautiful, romantic & timeless wedding photos and films, that feel truly authentic, a true investment for years to come. Taking a prudent, fly on the wall approach, with stunning portraits and making sure your guests don't become too aware that you’re having photos or a film shot and allows your perfectly planned wedding to unfold as intended. My approach is imperceptible, with minimal equipment, that produces lovesome results with a tasteful unique feel which is simple, minimal, elegant and both modern and timeless.

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