In his weekly column for Radstock Nub News the mayor : Extremes of weather and politics

  Posted: 28.06.20 at 20:08 by The Editor

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The Mayor of Radstock writes:

The last week has witnessed the searing sun of an almost tropical heatwave, followed by rains of monsoon velocity. As a young teenager I witnessed the Great Storm of 1968 when the centre of Midsomer Norton was overwhelmed by a body of water that made the High Street impassable and washed away both a bridge and a pedestrian in Pensford. Extreme weather- yes, but not the only parameter to afflict local society recently.

I am referring to what future historians might describe as the cradle of anti-racialist feeling, namely the demonstration in Bristol in the wake of the George Floyd murder. Whatever the rights or wrongs of the reaction, it developed into a scene of abject lawlessness and what ensued had little or nothing to do with the original cause or objectives. Lock-down has created an atmosphere of boredom and acute frustration, leading to mob frenzy with concomitant harm to individuals and damage to property.

One is reminded of the French and Russian revolutions where out of the carnage a new, spurious morality appeared and those who defended their rights or otherwise spoke up for what they regarded as decent were pilloried and deprived of their positions in society. In this respect, today’s ‘Woke’ movement is merely a formalised version of mob-led intolerance and just as dangerous.

With the gradual return to work let us hope that we can restore a sensible perspective on these events and not be permanently affected by violent reaction, whether meteorological or political.

Rupert Bevan

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